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Tower Road Bridge Deck work is scheduled for Wednesday October 31st
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October 29, 2018

Plato Road District will be contracting out asphalt restorative maintenance on Tower Road Bridge. Please be advised that the contractor CAM, LLC is scheduled to do work on the bridge starting October 31st. Consequently, there will be
Work Being Performed Wednesday Oct 31st & Follow Up Road Sweeping Monday Nov 5th
Between the hours of 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

(Please be aware that this treatment is weather dependent, if the forecast calls for rain, operations will be delayed.)

Treatment FAQ:
Why is the Twp. applying product to my road? CAM, LLC will be applying CRF Restorative Seal to your roads. CRF is a product designed to extend the life of the pavement by sealing the pavement from the elements. The Twp's preventative maintenance effort will minimize the need for more costly and disruptive methods of street repair.

How long does the process take? Once the contractor begins on your street, the process will only take a few hours. The material is sprayed on in a one pass application and is covered with a lime screening after a short time.

When can I drive on the road? You can exit and drive through the work area, but please go slow and stay on the area with screenings applied. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ON THE FRESH OIL. Be advised that driving onto a driveway before the contractor is finished applying screenings may cause the driveway and the sidewalk to become stained.

If I get product on my vehicle how do I remove it? A bug and tar remover (available at any local auto parts store) will safely remove it. The earlier your vehicle is cleaned, the easier it will be to remove.

When will the road be cleaned up? After the product is applied, an application of limestone screenings will be applied to the road. The amount of lime screenings will vary depending upon weather/site conditions. Some “dust” due to the lime screenings should be expected for a period of time. After 3-5 days, the lime screenings will be swept up. Once the screenings are swept up most of the dust should be eliminated as well.

These agents are environmentally safe and extend the pavements life. Please work with us through any inconveniences during the application process.

Thanks for your patience.

Larry Trainor Plato Road District


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